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Bear Trap
Snaring enemy's foot to bind for a while.
Bound enemy cannot move and turn, so you can attack safely at side.
This is basic trap, and widely practicable.
Auto Bow
A wall-mounted arrow launcher.
Automatically shots when enemies step on this range.
It has many bullets, doesn't hit you. it is useful and easy handling.
Fire ball
A wall-mounted fireball launcher.
Very powerful instead of spending materials.
But this hits both enemies and you.
If you step on range carelessly, you will be baked well.
Sleep Gas
Spraying hypnosis gas from floor widely.
Enemies cannot do anything and will get 2X damage, when they are sleeping.
The gas has influence on you also, so be careful on use.
Blowing off an enemy.
There are two types, wall-mounting and floor-putting.
Floor-putting can be placed anywhere but fragile.
Wall-mounting can be placed only on wall instead of higher durability.

Blow off enemies to another trap's range, try to make trap combo!
...And when adventure progresses, variety of traps will be increased.
Use them cleverly, to survive.